Livery Services

Lindhurst Livery has a simple model:
We have 14 roomy 12x12 standard boxes and 1 24 x12 foaling suite.
The horses are turned out from 8am to 3pm October to April
and happily graze 24/7 from April to October should you prefer

Lindhurst Livery is a secluded and secure facility with owners living onsite

Temporary stabling is sometimes available!

Lindhurst's liveries leave their stables early in the morning
or graze 24/7 in groups of no more than 4
Endless Exercise, socialization, and interaction

Stabling for single nights or for extended periods

  • Secure indoor environment.
  • Horses grazing at Lindhurst are satisfied, and ready to rest well.
  • They sleep peacefully at Lindhurst Livery.
  • Drop-off Sunday through Saturday.
  • Each horse receives hands-on attention and affection.
  • Exercise, socialization, and interaction all day.
  • Liveries are encouraged to bring, rugs, toys, and food.
  • Stables are LARGE enough for any horse.



  • Show pick-ups available from 5am with prior arrangement.

  • We administer a worming plan from arrival and medications as per your instructions

  • Boarding Requirements
    All horses must have current shots, and passports. Stallions are not accepted on the yard. New horses will be individually evaluated and introduced slowly into the community. Ill horses will not be accepted. Lindhurst Livery uses local vets or can call yours if preferred

  • Rates
    Liveries can be tailored to your horse's requirements
    so please visit us first and talk to Ann our yard manager

    It is our aim to make
    Lindhurst Livery
    the most personal and enjoyable livery yard in
    North Nottinghamshire.
    So come and be part of it!


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